Integrating Real Estate Investing with Financial Planning

Where does real estate investing fit into a financial plan?

This video will discuss how and why to integrate real estate to add diversification, returns, and control to your financial plan.

Renting vs Owning – Wealth Comparison

Ever wonder why homeownership and financial security are so highly correlated?

This video compares the true cost of renting and homeownership.

The True Cost of Shelter

How you provide shelter for yourself (and your family) will have huge financial consequences!

This video discusses how you should be thinking about this from an accounting perspective.

Renting vs Owning – Where the Money Goes

This video explores the monthly effect on your wealth as payments are made to the landlord or the lender. We then zoom out to show the dramatic effect on your wealth over decades.

Upsizing & Keeping Your Home as an Investment

Have you considered keeping your current residence as an investment and buying a better home for yourself?

This video explores how to accomplish this and the financial impact of doing so.

Lifestyle Investing – The Value of Investing in a Vacation Home

Have you ever dreamt of owning a vacation home and renting it out while you’re not there? Does that make financial sense?

This video will show how to calculate the affordability and investment viability of this amazing lifestyle.

Timing the Real Estate Market

Housing affordability is an important issue. Whether you’re an investor, buying your first home, relocating, or upsizing, timing the rate and values can take a lot of energy and time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Economics of Upsizing

Are you looking to upgrade your home but are unsure whether that’s a smart financial move?

The answer is… it depends. This video discusses the financial consequences inherent in the decision to “upsize”.

Reverse Mortgage Introduction

Want a simple explanation of how reverse mortgages work and how people use them?

This video touches on the basics so you can determine if it’s worth looking into.

Reverse Mortgage Advanced

There is more to reverse mortgages than most people realize.

Watch this video to see how financial advisors are using reverse mortgages to help clients manage wealth, reduce taxes, and decrease risk.